Avenue Donates to the Charlottesville Ballet

Avenue Donates to the Charlottesville Ballet

In addition to service hours, Avenue Realty also gives back to the Charlottesville area through monetary donations. One of the organization we regularly donate to is the Charlottesville Ballet, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. It is important to us to keep live arts in the local Charlottesville area and we are grateful Charlottesville Ballet offers our community a professional company from all over the world, an academy and an outreach program.

Avenue Realty donates $750 to the Charlottesville Ballet every time we represent a dancer or dancer’s family or friend in the purchase or sale of a home.

We recently spoke with Emily Hartka, co-director of the Charlottesville Ballet and an Avenue client, about her successes so far, her vision for the future, and how donated funds help keep dance alive in Charlottesville.

1) What made you open the Charlottesville Ballet 10 years ago?

We founded the professional company first (in 2007) with a mission for health and wellness. We wanted to create a model of ballet performance and training that retained the traditions of art and discipline, but without weigh-ins, performing through injuries, and other unhealthy practices that are sometimes associated with ballet.​ Looking at the wealth of cultural activity in Charlottesville, we felt that a ballet company belonged here.

2) Is the Charlottesville Ballet and the Academy what you envisioned 10 years ago?

​It really is amazing to see how much growth we’ve had, especially over the past 5 years. ​ ​We started the Academy in 2011, and that was when we realized that we were going to really make an impact on our community. We are training the next generation of dancers in Charlottesville, and imparting a culture of health and wellness to children who are the town’s future.

3) What are your goals for the next 5 to 10 years?

We would love to one day have our own building​​​ and expand our class offerings at Charlottesville Ballet Academy​. ​We will continue to expand the professional company and find bigger and better venues for performances and touring across Central Virginia. ​​W​e would love to ​ keep​ expand​ing the​ Chance ​T​o Dance​ outreach program (​partnering with other nonprofits, providing transportation and equipment), so that if there is a child who has the desire and aptitude to dance in our outreach program, they have every opportunity to do that.

4) How are the funds donated by Avenue Realty used?

​Donations from Avenue Realty go to our Annual Fund, which makes every aspect of the organization possible – company, academy, and Chance To Dance. ​ ​From mundane things like stamps and envelopes, to performance costumes, to making the annual holiday production of The Nutcracker possible, Avenue Realty impacts all aspects of the Charlottesville Ballet.

5) Do you have any personal experience working with the Realtors at Avenue Realty?

Yes! It was wonderful working with Amy Cochran and Avenue Realty. I am so grateful that she led us through the process, dealt with all of our ignorance, and handled everything with grace and aplomb. I am amazed by all that she does (even helping us after the closing). I could not image a more fun and worry-free process. Thank you so much for such a wonderful first time home buyer experience!

6) How can Charlottesville residents help you meet your current fundraising goals as you approach your 10 year anniversary?

Individual Donations can be made online (www.CharlottesvilleBallet.org/DonateNow) and we ​always look to partner with local businesses like Avenue Realty to make our season possible. ​ For more info, contact Eric Mount (development@charlottesvilleballet.org)

Avenue Realty has donated $3,900 to the Charlottesville Ballet

Some of our Charlottesville Ballet clients:

Emily Hartka, co-director of the Charlottesville Ballet and Tom Hartka

Heather Rogers
CBA Teacher and Administrative Assistant

Caitlin Lennon
Company Dancer and Company Manager

Hayley Rose
Stage Manager with Adam Rose and daughters/CBA students Olivia and Charlotte